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Police, Law Enforcement, Security and Investigator Software can be affordable.

Kodiak Software Systems has been providing quality Police, Law Enforcement, Security and Investigator software since 1990. We believe that powerful law enforcement and security software doesn't need to be complicated nor expensive. We provide free downloads and trial periods for all of our products, and pricing that allows any law enforcement or security officer the ability to afford our police and security software. Whether you come from a one man department, or have thousands of fellow officers by your side, we have a police software system that is powerful, easy to use, and right for you.

As a leader in Police Report Writing Software and Police Reporting, Kodiak Software Systems has led the way in developing easy to use but powerful police report programs for agencies of all sizes. Our programs are in daily use by law enforcement departments on the federal, state, county and local levels of law enforcement. Additionally, they are in use by agencies around the world. Our police software can be easily adapted to meet any agencies needs, and can be provided in almost any language desirable. In fact, our standard Police Report Writer - SD series comes already bi-lingual for English and Spanish speaking officers. We understand the pressures that officers are under to produce their reports in as quick a fashion as possible, and that is why we introduced live spelling checks in our narratives over 10 years ago, and why we also added a Thesaurus to our police report writing software over a decade ago. You will not find better police report writing software that will have your officers back on the streets faster.

Also have a look at our Police Field Contact Manager and Intelligence database program. This program will track all contacts you have with anyone in any form. It will even store and search captured fingerprints.

Our police software is easy to use and is fully adaptable to match your department's needs. Almost everything field on a report is customizable by the agency, and you can easily control how your reports look. Take a look at our video learning section to see just how easy it is to modify our reports to your department's needs. Go to our video section.

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Latest Updates

    Police Report Writer SD Update # 6  (March 1, 2017) Update your current licensed PRWSD installation with the latest patches.


Our Law Enforcement Downloads and Product Links.

Police Field Contact SD Intelligence Database

It is amazing just how many contacts your department generates in a day. Get a handle on all the information those contacts generate and have it readily accessible with just a few clicks of the mouse. Field Contact tracks every one of those contacts and lets you record, store, count and later recall information about them. More Information

Sample of items that can be tracked:

Adult Arrests, Alcohol Citations, Body Attachments, Civil Citations Criminal Citations, Complainants, DUI Roadblocks, Field Interviews, Fingerprints, Gang Members, Interviews, Juvenile Citations, Other Contacts, Paper Service, Parking Tickets, Registered Offenders, Repair Orders, Tobacco Citations, Traffic Citations, Warnings, Witnesses.



  • Unlimited Tattoo Image Database

  • Unlimited Attached Images Database

  • Supports Secugen FBI Certified Fingerprint Scanners

  • Easily search any or all database fields, in any combination you wish.

  • 30 Day Free Trial - no obligation

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Police Report Writer SD  

Police Report Writer Version 7 comes in two modes. One is strictly file based while the other utilizes a database in which to store your reports. Both allow for full customization. The operating mode can be easily switched by entering a new license key. If you are not interested in using a database then download the File Mode version, otherwise download the Database version.

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Report generated by Police Report Writer SD:

  • Incident Report - Long Form

  • Incident Report - Short Form

  • Supplement Report

  • Photo Supplement Report

  • Automatically Adds Necessary Attachments



We recommend you download and try the database version

Windows XP and Windows 7 Installers:

Click here to  Download Police Report Writer Version 7 (Database Mode)

Click here to Download Police Report Writer Version 7 (File Mode)

Windows 10 Installers:

Click here to Download Police Report Writer - Version 7 for Windows 10 (Database Mode)

Click here to Download Police Report Writer Version 7 for Windows 10 (File Mode)

To Purchase:

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Police Report Writer Suite  Version 6 is no longer available.

Users who have previously purchased licenses may download the installer from the Updates & FAQs page and then contact us for a registration key.

Version 6 is not compatible with Windows 8 or later.




* The default password and account for all of our programs is kodiak

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